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Our approach to web design and development

We believe in sustainable webdesign, which means that our projects are easy to update and customize. But it also means that our code is properly documented and meets all coding standards. Read more about how we like to work.

Sustainable programming

It’s important that your website is made in a way that it not only works now, but is still useful later when you want to add or change something. Even if you decided to work with another provider in the future.

That’s why its important that the code is readable and logical. We make sure that the code is well documented and we follow the ‘Drupal Best Practice’ guides. We keep no secrets: as soon as we deliver the project you have access to the source code. That, for us, is sustainable programming.

DTAP & version control

The development of complex websites is not a linear but an iterative process of defining, programming, testing and adapting. Often several people work on the same software as a team, therefore it is important to keep tabs on what works and what doesn’t, what has been done and what has still to be done.

That’s why we work with a development environment of separate phases for developing, testing and production, and we use GIT for version controlling. This means we can develop different parts at the same time and track our progress precisely.

Design = Code

Design and code go hand in hand. We design keeping the technical possibilities in mind and we program with an eye for graphical detail. Because we know how a website is built, we won’t be seduced by graphical whims that might take twice the amount of work in programming. For us, web design has to be intuitive and user friendly above all. We look for creativity in the small things: the use of colours, illustrations and fonts.

Scrum: agile and without misunderstandings

Even if you try to think about every little detail in advance, often you will only find yourself realising what works and what doesn’t when the project is underway.  That’s why we prefer working with the SCRUM methodology. With SCRUM you work with short, defined periods of time called SPRINTS in which the team intensively communicate and work with the client. This makes it possible to achieve results in short amounts of time avoiding unpleasant surprises.

The SCRUM methodology can be applied to both design and programming. The most important advantages of SCRUM are firstly that the client can change opinion and steer targets during development. Secondly SCRUM means much quicker development and results.