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Our projects

We've build and designed web solutions for our clients the Netherlands and Spain. Have a look around and drop us a line if you like what you see.

We developed the new design for EOI, integrating various satellite websites into one Drupal platform, allowing these diferent areas to have their own administrators.

For Crisnail, a profesional nail product manufacturer, we designed and developed a complete new website, including an interactive 'Nail studio' to visually try out the products.

The website for the non profit association"El Parto es Nuestro" includes private and public forums, blogs, events, a secure system for signing up and more. We are pleased to say that visits have tripled since launch to more than 10.000 active users a day. 

AceInArt is a dutch company specialized in art photography consulting and printing, offering art services to companies and individuals. We made a responsive website that includes a full fledged workflow control where administrators can revise artwork added or revised by artists.

IBP Uniuso is a Spanish company that sells ‘single use’ products for hygiene, protection and flexible packaging. We've designed and developed their responsive website including a blog, an Ajax driven catalogue and integration with their internal mailing system.

Daan Oude Elferink is a professional photographer specialized in taking pictures of abandoned places. We've designed his website from scratch and developped it using Omega 4, CSS3, Compass and SASS.

The Escuela de Organización Industrial is one of the oldest business schools in Spain. In about two months time we migrated their existing website from LifeRay - consisting of 100s of custom designed pages, 1000s of events and courses and 10,000s of subscriptions - to a brand new Drupal architecture.

IFL Madrid is a non profit association organising sports events. We sponsored and built a platform that enables teams to put in their match results, based on which league tables are automatically calculated and updated.