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All in one, a platform for El Parto es Nuestro

The website for the non profit association"El Parto es Nuestro" includes private and public forums, blogs, events, a secure system for signing up and more. We are pleased to say that visits have tripled since launch to more than 10.000 active users a day. 

Angela Müller
In charge of the 'El Parto es Nuestro' blog

We've been working for years with Nuezweb. What I appreciate above all is their capability to combine the technical know-how with a sensibility for good design. The speed with which they resolve any issue completes their great service.

All in one

The website includes many different content types and functionality. A quick summary: an external and an internal blog (accesible to members only), a forum, events with google maps integration, information pages, automated newsletters send to over  2.200 different users. And each of these parts have their own administrators to update them.

Visits up to 15.000 a day

Since launch in july 2012 visits have gone from 1.000 a day averaging 10.000 in the last few months, often exceeding 15.000 a day. We've placed a Facebook 'like' button on the top right corner of the website to boost the association's Facebook Page: from 2.000 likes at launch to over 33.000 likes present-day.


https elpartoesnuestro

Secure passage

Users can become a member of El Parto Es Nuestro by filling in the form on the website. The form is only accesible through a secure HTTPS connection and sensitive data is saved encrypted in the database. Other parts of the website use a regular HTTP conection to make the website as quick as possible and make sure that Facebook and Twitter share buttons continue working.


access control