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EOI - Phase 2

We developed the new design for EOI, integrating various satellite websites into one Drupal platform, allowing these diferent areas to have their own administrators.

Enrique Torras - EOI
Responsable del proyecto

From La Fundación Escuela de Organización Industrial we asked Nuez Web to develop our new corporate website in Drupal using Drupal 7. Apart from that we asked for the migration of all current content to the new platform and the preparation of the high availability IT structures of Amazon Web Services.

The project had a couple of complications due to the diversity of unorganized content and static pages that we had using our old user interface. They worked closely with us to understand the situation and propose a new organisation for the content, enabling the posibilty to adapt and grow in the future.

The work of Teun and his team has been exceptional, always putting in that bit of effort to propose solutions to whatever which problem, always prepared to think of the benefits for the client. Together with their technological partner in system administration,, they make a multidisiplinary team that can handle projects of any size or type.

Their ample experience and profesionality guaranteed the success of this project.

Salesforce integration

We added a flexible framework for integration with Salesforce, allowing web administrators to create any type of form and link it to Salesforce 

Block library

We created a flexible framework that allows web administrators to easily create pages using different layouts, and reusing specially designed blocks for promotion.

Amazon AWS

The website is hosted on Amazon AWS for High availibiily using Drupal's Storage API to flexibly store images and files on the Amazon S3 Cloud.

Migration API

We used Drupal's Migration API to migrate thousands of documents from a FEDORA / FEZ library to Drupal

Salesforce API
Migrate API
Amazon AWS